Pharmaceuticals have always been a primary business focus of Medica Linea. Since our beginnings, we have been successfully serving a number of the world’s largest pharmaceutical corporations in a variety of ways.

Our first step is always the provision of continual support regarding the regulatory needs of local markets. Furthermore, as distributors we provide support for market access, cooperation in promotion, marketing, and other sales activities. In all this, the major backbone service that we provide as distributors is always logistical support.

Today we serve as a reliable partner of Global pharmaceutical companies. Medica Linea Pharm proudly supports the business activities of Novartis, AbbVie, and MSD. This is through a series of services that allow early access to innovative medicines, as well as a continuous and uninterrupted supply to the market.

It is important to understand that our partnership and readiness to support early access of innovative medicines goes well beyond what is characterized by logistical support. At Medica Linea, the end vision is always the betterment of patients. For this reason, it has always been our policy to engage in active communication with both patients and advocacy groups so as to allow the most efficient, economic and medically justified therapy to be readily available for those in need.

Throughout the years we have come to learn that efficiency often means flexibility. Today, this fundamental understanding is reflected within the structuring of our operations which allows producers to hand-pick only those services which they might require in order to build on their products and business experience in the local market.  Additional details regarding specific products can be provided upon request.