We provide distribution in all channels of sale. This means we are particularly experienced and dedicated to prompt deliveries of hospital medicinal products. Medica Linea Pharm assures you that underlying the entire process is commitment to all local regulatory requirements, as well as GDP and GSP requirements. All of products are kept in an authorized supply chain. Product handling includes continuous monitoring, and storing your products in the right conditions. This means low risk of cross contamination by or from other products. Finally, delivering products to the right addresses on time.


At Medica Linea Pharm, we take what we do extremely seriously. Ensuring the safety of the delivered products in a manner which prevents both damage and contamination is essential to us. Actually, it is essential for all patients. We assure you that when we do it, we do it right.

Medica Linea holds all necessary wholesale distribution authorizations for both medicines and medical devices. Also, they are issued by the national competent authority – the Republic of Serbia’s Ministry of Health. Meeting the requirements of our clients, we comply with all EU GDP requirements. Our staff is required to maintain a high degree of knowledge on local regulatory, GDP and GDS requirements. The facilitation of such education ensures a competent set of hands to deal with your products.

Distribution is to us just as important a business activity as it is within the integrated supply-chain management of pharmaceutical and medical device products. Medical Linea Pharm handles, storage and distributes products with the utmost care and responsibility. Evident in all processes is a deep understanding of how we are capable of impacting them, considering our direct involvement in all aspects of procurement, purchasing, importation, storage, distribution, transportation, re-packaging, re-labelling and documenting. We are continuously taking precautionary steps in the form of monitoring policies, undertaking and assessing in order to meet regulatory requirements. Such a joint approach with partners within the supply chain is always supported in order to successfully combat against the spreading of forgery pharmaceutical and medical devices products.