Medical Devices represent a new and dynamic component of Medica Linea Pharm’s business. From its inception in 2018 up until today, the department has been undergoing constant development. This is in terms of new partner companies and already existing ones. Responsive to conditions on the field, our medical devices team is further characterized by over half a century of experience.

Offering a one-stop-shop solution to manufacturers, Medica Linea guarantees full commitment to its partners by offering support in each step of the process of market development. We have always believed in providing the best service possible. It’s our goal to ensure that innovative products, built under the highest standards of quality, reach those patients most in need. Together we all share the same vision of improving our societies by upgrading our healthcare. Our partners and clients enjoy exceptional service, and safe delivery.

The department specializes in multiple fields of products. These include Interventional Systems in Cardiology, Radiology and Oncology, Laboratory Diagnostic Equipment, Cardiovascular Care, and Laparoscopic Surgery.

Additional details regarding specific products can be provided upon request.