Medica Linea supports producers of not only pharmaceuticals and medical devices, but also all other medicinal products. Whether it be cosmetics, supplements, or disinfectants, we know what it means to develop your market.

We represent producers of high quality products in cosmetics and disinfectants that are readily available in a wider retail network. For instance, Medica Linea currently serves as the full-line business partner of Dr. Grandel and Rilastil cosmetics. Our quest for unique and innovative products has also resulted in a unique partnership across the territory of Serbia with the producer of a one of a kind disinfectant – Zoono.

Our partners have entrusted us with the fully handling of the business, sales and marketing strategy of these quality products in the Serbian market. Therefore, it is no surprise that we are capable of enabling all of the interrelated services. Especially those necessary to achieve common business goals shared with partner companies.

Additional details regarding specific products can be provided upon request.