We are Medica Linea Pharm, a full-service providing distributor for medicinal products, specializing in pharmaceuticals and medical devices.

Throughout the past ten years, we have established ourselves as a focused and dedicated partner to a limited number of innovative producers of healthcare products.

With this in mind, we understand the importance of our role in the healthcare system in providing quality service and support to all our clients and suppliers, whether they be manufacturers, healthcare institutions, authorities or other trading partners to the benefit of patients as end-users.


Notwithstanding a large number of MAs in our name, Medica Linea Pharm further supports partner companies in all licensing, trade, and promotional requirements within each of the territories our partners wish to access. In this manner, a regulatory strategy is developed for new and existing products. This is not only the first step necessary when bringing your innovation in healthcare to the market, it is also a mandatory one. Correct execution leaves no room for mistakes. With this in mind, our extensive experience ensures the fastest and safest route to market.

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In order to secure the highest possible return, we conduct in-depth analysis of local market trends and dynamics for all related medicinal products being represented. Furthermore, it allows our partners a unique look into the markets, as is seen through the eyes of our trained and experienced staff, yet presented in relevant, succinct data. As such, we understand that market access is not as simple a matter as an assessment of a product’s viability at a single point in time. Instead, it is a continual process, one which requires constant reassessment of actual data, as analyzed by experienced individuals. We take pride in the methods and tools deployed in order to gather these facts, distill them for insights, and report credible results. Such a fully informed decision-making process allows for the structuring of the organization and business models in an economic, and efficient manner that is to the best suitability for all our partners and their business goals. It is a key advantage possessed on the road towards market development.

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Ensuring prompt and smooth delivery is a key aspect in the maintenance of our partners’ professional image within the healthcare industry. It is a fundamental aspect of the road to market access and product delivery. Medica Linea uses its own distribution network inside the territory of the Republic of Serbia to ensure the highest standard, one which has been developed during the past ten years of operations. With us, your products will always be kept in an authorized supply chain under continuous monitoring, stored in the right conditions, secured from contamination by or of other products, and delivered to the right addressee within the expected time period.

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Successful penetration of the healthcare market requires thorough groundwork. Recognizing this, we have assembled separate teams of experienced individuals to actively work on the promotion and sales of all medicinal products in the field, each specializing in either pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, or medical devices products. In this way we can foresee the development of adverse market conditions before any of the real effects are felt. Once overcome, we provide continual support to all end-users and healthcare institutions involved. The enabler being a high degree of technical competency and extensive experience, which set us apart from competition. It is a critical aspect of what we do on behalf of our clients.

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Medica Linea Pharm d.o.o. has its registered headquarters at Strahinjića bana 10 – courtyard building, Belgrade, Serbia.

The commercial operations are located within the Main Branch Office at Strahinjića bana 10 – courtyard building in Belgrade, Republic of Serbia.

Storage facilities can be found in a separate location in Belgrade
within the municipality of Zemun.

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+381 66 888 09 78

Strahinjića bana 10 – courtyard building, Belgrade