Testament to the success of Medica Linea Pharm’s business development strategy, defined by a limited number of suppliers and an ambition to increase quality vis-a-vis quality, is the 40% annual turnover growth witnessed in the period between 2016 and 2019. Approximately 25% of revenue derives from the Medical Device department....

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As part of the growth strategy and vision, a new department for Medical Devices is incorporated within the company. Medica Linea Pharm now offers services to manufacturers of every type of medicinal product....

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The success of the new strategy, and large growth investments become evident as revenue increases up to €7.5mn at the end of the fiscal year....

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The company undergoes a major restructuring, turning the focus and strategy into one of delivering services necessary for growth....

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Medica Linea Pharm d.o.o. is founded with the vision of providing the highest quality of services for key pharmaceutical partners....

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